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Error running mach2databel()

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 8:05 am
by katiechan
Hi there,

I tried to convert my MACH version imputed data to datABEL format using the following command:

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mach2databel("machout_dose.chr18", "", "chr18")

But I got the following error:

Trying to set name of vars out of range (1084252)
ERROR in Rstuff:failed in text2fvf_R
Index file not exists: fhs_chr18_gru_npu.fvi
Error in checkAtAssignment("databel", "data", "NULL") :
assignment of an object of class “NULL” is not valid for @‘data’ in an object of class “databel”; is(value, "externalptr") is not TRUE

May I have some pointers to make it work please? Thank you!