Testing non-genetic predictors in polygenic mixed model

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Testing non-genetic predictors in polygenic mixed model

Postby NickM » Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:15 pm


I need to fit a model that tests non-genetic predictors of interest while accounting for the relatedness between individuals. For example, in the simplified simulated example below, I have a response variable, Y, and a fixed effect, X, measured on 20 subjects:

N <- 20
Subj <-factor(1:N)
X <- rnorm(N, 0.2, 4)
Y <- rnorm(N, X*0.4, 6)
Data <- data.frame(Subj, X, Y)

I also have a hypothetical relatedness matrix (Rmat):

Rmat <- diag(N)
corrs <- runif(N*(N-1)/2, 0, 1)
Rmat[lower.tri(Rmat)] <-corrs
Rmat <- t(Rmat)
Rmat[lower.tri(Rmat)] <-corrs
rownames(Rmat)<-Subj; colnames(Rmat)<-Subj

Can I use GenABEL to fit a mixed model that tests for the association between X and Y while accounting for the relatedness/ kinship matrix? I seem to be getting close using the polygenic function, but this doesn't provide standard errors/p-values for the fixed effect(s), while if I try to run grammar it seems to want genetic/SNP data as my predictors of interest.

Any help/ pointers greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,


Nicola Pirastu
GenABEL senior expert
GenABEL senior expert
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Re: Testing non-genetic predictors in polygenic mixed model

Postby Nicola Pirastu » Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:43 am


you have basically three choiches:

1) use polygenic in combiantion with the likelihood ratio test, but you will not get standard errors and if you add more than one variable at a time you will not get individual variables p-values. In this case you should first fit a null model like:

Code: Select all

nullmod=polygenic(y~sex+age,data=yourdata, kinship=yourkinship)

Then you fit the full model:

Code: Select all

yourmod=polygenic(y~sex+age+ yourtest.variable,data=yourdata, kinship=yourkinship)

then you can use the likelyhood ratio test.

Code: Select all

p=pchisq(nullmod$h2an$minimum - yourmod$h2an$minimum, df=1, lower=F)

Beta estimates are in yourmod$h2an$estimate. They do not present names but they are ordered in the order you put them. The vector is 2 elements longer since heritability and residual variance are there as well. Remember that if you want this to make sense you have to use exactly the same people in the 2 models (model.frame() is great to achieve this). Also if you add more than 1 variable in the test model, remember to add degrees of freedom when you estimate the pvalue.

2) use polygenic-hglm which will give you the effects and the standard errors and everything else, but is a hierarchical mixed model which is not exactly the same.

3) use GRAMMAR+, in this case you first regress out kinship, you get the enviromental corrected residuals ($grresidualY) and then use this to run a normal regression with glm.

Hope this solves your problems.



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Re: Testing non-genetic predictors in polygenic mixed model

Postby NickM » Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:35 am

Hi Nicola,

Thanks very much for your response. The first two solutions you offered seem to address my problem perfectly.

For your third proposal, if I were to fit the "enviromental corrected residuals" in a regular regression, wouldn't this assume that each individual is unrelated (i.e. independent)? I can see how regressing out the kinship would account for any confounding (such as that due to population structure), but am struggling to understand how any relatedness/ non-independence of individuals would be addressed using this approach.

Best regards,


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