Polygenic function

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Polygenic function

Postby selam » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:09 am

Dear Forum members,

I have the following phenotype data with with two factors [DP1P2P3 (56 levels) and DFL (71 levels) as fixed effects]; sample of phenotype data.
0179FHAB 1 IH_MR_SW_40606 40606_2_LGP5 0
1015DTUB 1 BC_IH_MR_40570 40570_5_LGP1 0.3333333
1017DTUB 1 BC_MR_MW_40568 40568_5_LGP1 1
1018DTUB 1 BC_MR_MW_40568 40568_5_LGP1 0

I am using the polygenic fucntion as follows:
h2ht <- polygenic(AVERAGE~ DP1P2P3+ DFL, kin=gkin, qced1,llfun="polylik_eigen")
Where AVERAGE is the response trait, qced1 is the quality controled data, gkin is the kinship matrix based on autosomal chromosomes only.
My problem is when I run the above polygenic function in GENABEL in R ,I get the the follwoing error message:
Error in desmat %*% fixeff : non-conformable arguments
I am desperately looking for your help
Best wishes

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